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Workshop Formats

Most workshops are 2-3 day formats. On Day-1, participants learn the Korem Profiling System and achieve 75%+ profiling accuracy, as explained in How It Works. The following days they learn how to apply the Korem Profiling System for their uniqe needs, like those detailed in The Results.

> Sample of 2-Day Workshop Content
> Video Introduction (Windows)
> Video Introduction (QuickTime)

Open registration workshops

K&A is providing Behavioral Interviewing workshops for Texas Educators (you must be a Texas certified educator to participate). Below is the info for the currently scheduled workshops (several more will be scheduled before March 1 at other ESCs.) For a full PDF description of the workshop, click on the links below.

TASA Hosted Workshop – Austin

February 29 – March 1, 2016
Registration Link: www.tasanet.org
1) Go to Professional Learning tab
2) Click on Behavioral Interviewing tab
2) Follow the steps to register
Contact: Mark Pyeatt (mpyeatt@tasanet.org); Tel: (800) 725-8272
For Detailed Workshop Information (PDF)

ESC Region 7 – Kilgore

March 28 – 29, 2016
Registration Link: www.esc7.net
Contact: Katie Chenoweth (kchenoweth@esc7.net); Tel: (903) 988-6778

ESC Region 12 – Waco

April 6 – 7, 2016
Registration Link: www.esc12.net
Follow Instructions for Session #77252
Contact: Larry Robinson (lrobinson@esc12.net); Tel: (254) 297-1203

ESC Region 14 – Abilene

May 2 - 3, 2016
Registration Link: www.esc14.net
Follow Instructions for Session #101661
Contact: Misty Bloomingdale (mbloomingdale@esc14.net); Tel: (325) 675-8672

Open registration corporate workshops are available once or twice a year. Check availability

Consultant Services

We help you identify where rapid-fire profiling will deliver measurable results to achieve your goals . . . and how to integrate in your organization, including:

Increase Productivity

  • Sales & Negotiations
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Team Leadership
  • Client Counsltation
  • Deliver Presentations
  • Cross-cultural Interactions
  • Integrating Teams (espcially during mergers & acquisitions)
  • Profiling and behavioral interviews
  • Educate Students and Staff


  • Recruiting
  • Coaching
  • Administrative interactions

Security Related

  • Interviews
  • Investigations
  • Random Actor Violence Prevention (from terrorism to attacks on schools & organizations)

Need ideas how you can produce results?

Use these three pentrating questions to stimulate discussion to uncover ways you can use the Korem Profiling System to produce results.

Special Pricing Note

Fees for education, law enforcement, and military are usually 10–20% of our corporate rates. It's part of our commitment as “civilian reservists” to help kids, neighborhoods, and countries.

Education Workshops

Most of our work with education is directed at preventing catastrophic Random Actor attacks and reversing at-risk youth behavior. We have also developed ground-breaking research/training where rapid-fire profiling is used by educators and students to immediately improve academic comprehension and retention. For the details.

Security, Law Enforcement, and Military Applications

We have provided consultancy and training for thousands of these professionals here and broad. For the details.

Train-the-Trainer Consultation

When 500 or more staff must be trained, we can equip your trainers. Contact us for details.


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